SGG Developed Add-Ons for Industry Standard Monitoring Tools

SGG Synthetics

Managed Synthetic Monitoring Solution


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  • Synthetic monitoring solution managed by SGG Consulting
  • Monitor complex business case scenarios in a rich, easy to understand dashboards
  • Quick & reliable synthetic scripts
  • Hosted in a securely managed environment
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Dynatrace & Big Panda Plugin

SGG Developed Plugin


  • Sends Dynatrace alerts to Big Panda with key correlation fields
  • Drastically reduce alert noise
  • Auto correlate application, network, and infrastructure alerts
  • Resolve critical IT issues faster
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SGG Synthetics

Managed Synthetic Monitoring Solution

SGG Synthetics is a unique product and service offering where SGG consultants build and manage your companies synthetic monitoring scripts. Our expert resources will produce new business process scripts within a 48 hour SLA and modify existing scripts within 24 hour SLA to keep pace with your dynamic website.

  • The power of SGG's solution is being able to produce complex scripts that monitor the health of any API request or website transaction.

  • The dashboards provide concise metrics for NOC monitoring, SLA reporting, and charts that trend performance and availability.

  • The SGG developed synthetic monitoring solution is run on the SPLUNK application platform, which provides maximum flexibility for storing and managing your website performance data.

  • SGG's managed solution has one of the lowest operating costs for this type of synthetic monitoring solution at only $10 per monthly transaction including the script development costs.

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Dynatrace & Big Panda Plugin

SGG Developed Plugin for Dynatrace

This SGG developed plugin was built to easily integration your Dynatrace and Big Panda monitoring tools.

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